Maybe it looks like this:

Your relationship is strained. You want your partner to fulfill your needs, and you lash out when your needs don’t get met. You have loving friends and family, but you can’t shake this feeling of loneliness or you feel like you’re observing life instead of being fully engaged.

 You’re not a real down-in-the-dumps kind of woman, so you try everything you can think of:

I could be eating healthier, organic foods, dry brushing more or using more chemical-free beauty products.

You could be reading all the relationship books you can get your hands on, hiring coaches, yoga teachers, therapists, and energy workers.

All of these things help for a few days or maybe a few months, but the feeling of dissatisfaction never fully goes away.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be so hard?


Imagine if you could connect to an inner wisdom so infinite, that you no longer have to strive or struggle or fight yourself at every turn to know what to do.

Imagine being in a gracious state of flow and abundance and joy.

Imagine having the space, ease and joy you know should be available and creating an adventure of living so grand and glorious you know your the Queen on Sheba.

Rebecca-14I’m Rebecca and this is where I come in.

I’m a Life Coach, Soul Cravings Expert, Freedom Ringleader, Access Consciousness® Facilitator,  Millenial Making Things Happen, Author, Professional Dancer and Speaker.

I’m building Conscious Leaders for the new 20 something’s (and I’m also happy to help the 30 and beyond something’s along the way ;)

I have a sweet face but I’m pretty rock star cool, I speak my mind, play with fire (no seriously I’ve been fire walking) and have a serious crush on Iron Man.

If your looking to the ‘more’ in your life – more fun, more joy, more ease, more love, more sex, more money, more bling your in the place to be.

Wether you read a blog post, download a freebie, come to a live class or work 1:1 with me its my target you walk away feeling lighter and as fabulous as you really are. I’ve come from a massive 10 year journey of self discovery and have tried both the hard path and then I found the easy path.

I’m here to take away the hard path blinkers and show you what else is possible – possibilities that you never even imagined.

Let’s do a 1, 2, 3!

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    My gift to you for being such a phenomenal being

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rebecca hulseMost of all I’m so grateful you’re here

Thank you beautiful being, you are such a gift with your presence, I hope you are aware of the phenomenal fabulous shining beacon of deliciousness you are