Oops you caught me!

I'm currently about to explode with possibility and change! So I'm a little naked right now.

So here's where I'm at:

I use these weirdass tools called Access Consciousness®

It seems to change every part of mine my clients and my friends lives and everyone around them

It's all based on empowering you to know that you know, untap the capacity you have to change what's not working and enjoy the f*** out of your life - oh, and change the world along the way.

Sound good so far? Read on...

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My kind of writing...

Stop Judging You?

Introducing the Big Bad(ass) Book of Judgement...


Designed to get you out of toxic  judgement cycles and into the self-care practices that make your world an easier place to be you in.

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Rebecca Hulse is a go-getting, risk-taking millenial. She is a writer, author, coach, creator of magnitude and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. Rebecca loved shaking up the supposed hard-set realities and paradigms kept in place over lifetimes.

She sees a different reality and possibility – usually far beyond this reality which she has used to create her own life traveling the world from New Zealand to Costa Rica, USA, Australia, the Caribbean and beyond.

She is the author of three books and speaks to a global audience on consciousness, bodies, being and sex.



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